doofus EP (six demos)

by housebroken

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recorded april 2013 at the launchpad, indianapolis.

all instrumentals solo baritone guitar and drums, unless noted otherwise.


released March 17, 2014

all songs written and performed by housebroken.

geoff: baritone guitar, tonal intuition
alex: drums, percussion, vocals, admirable ambition
january fifth: our birthday



all rights reserved


housebroken Indiana

after years of jamming and waiting for the right flannel-clad diva to front them, geoff and alex finally formed housebroken, a minimalist rock duo with heavy interests in americana, funk, post-punk and annoying time signature changes.

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Track Name: spring pup
time stamps
leg cramps
push next

phone home ("you can’t get something for nothing")

this is my new erection
this is my prostitution
this is my own election
i’ll write my constitution

time shares
wedding rings
adopted children
the little things
Track Name: fraggot
something’s tracking me
it’s been rustling behind me
been three days since i
rested my head softly

going down (can’t hear a sound)

flash before your eyes?
barely, hardly
images of cigars
and my favorite teddy
Track Name: april
held you in mind, turned the lights low
feels like ending, but what do I know?

made a friend once, a wise old hobo
said time and regrets fly out the window

neon headlines
what do I know?
fuzzy turnpike
we’ll take it slow

pain & desire dance for control
‘least that’s how I feel, but what do I know?

like stout whiskey or pure tobacco
once you taste it you just can’t let go

(slow burn, but still ignited)
Track Name: doofus
falling short, aiming higher
the doofus never tires

sit down! shut up!
get a grip! give up!
Track Name: help me settle down
kerosene and a lil imagination
that’s all it takes to lose your wherewithal
fell asleep to that daydream nation
woke up screaming ‘i don’t feel nothing at all’
ran through the woods and set the sand on fire
followed the water straight to the fall
if i’m a punk then you’re a liar liar
so many arguments; can I lose them all?
(and if I do what shall I win?)

i tried to change, to push, to spit on the fire
but I can’t find that sneaky little wherewithal
but everyone loves the sick and the naughty
they’re lining up for kisses by the mall
the little doctor says to just hold steady
but there’s no peace when you feel your skin crawl
were my eyelids always so heavy?
did i always wake up so appalled?
(or am I born again?)

“i’ll burn this small town to the ground, if it’ll help me settle down”