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by housebroken

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recorded live at greg's beard, lexington ky
photo credit: katherine hoskins


released September 18, 2014

geoff plays guitar
alex plays drums
there's mouth stuff too




housebroken Indiana

after years of jamming and waiting for the right flannel-clad diva to front them, geoff and alex finally formed housebroken, a minimalist rock duo with heavy interests in americana, funk, post-punk and annoying time signature changes.

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Track Name: Fraggot
something's tracking me
it's been rustling behind me
been three days since i rested my head softly

going down/ can't hear a sound

flash before your eyes?
barely, hardly
images of cigars and my favorite teddy
Track Name: Family Cat
what kind of card do you get for a dear friend
who woke, realized something was different
that it hadn't been the same for months or years
you build a house on solid foundation
shifting plates, you don't even consider

post-event everyone calls you:
"mixed blessings, you're better off anyway"
they're not the ones who just wasted that damn time
now that i have found some distance
can't help but wish i'd ran instead of walked

two weeks now i've wasted, all on the family cat
spending time and money when it don't wanta come back

perhaps i was tired from trying
it's my nature, or maybe just boredom
left my milk in the sitting room still warm
i'm not sorry for the time i spent here
but when i get an itch, i just can't help but scratch
Track Name: Spring Pup
time stamps
pay checks
leg cramps
push next

phone home (you can't get something for nothing)

this is my new erection
this is my prostitution
this is my own election
i'll write my constitution

time shares
wedding rings
adopted children
the little things